Friday, July 06, 2007

Summer 07 Killer Vacation part 2

Now living for the past 16 years in a place where everything is tinged slightly peachy pink, green is a huge deal. Also seeing as how the temerature went down (yes I said down) to 114 F (45.5 C), just looking at snow seems to make things better.
Snow capped mountians
Okay now this one I just loved because it looked so picturesque and so pretty, almost like you'd want to drive anywhere for as long as it takes as long as the whole drive would be like this. Now that I'm back I'm stressing the almost because there is only so much car time a person can spend before you want to fight someone for extra space.
Almost like out of a story book
Ahh, Crater lake, 'twas beautiful. Let's pause and enjoy the veiw.
Crater Lake
Why yes it was cold, and just a little proof I was there. I even knit there when my sister took her time getting her special angle photos.
Mom and myself at Crater Lake
Then here was Wizard's Peak, which is still active and building up from the inside. (The crater was formed when the initial Volcano collapsed into itself.) And oh yeah, remember how I said it was cold? That stuff at the bottom of the photo 2 feet deep? Yeah that's SNOW in JUNE! (I know if it's winter where you live that isn't a big deal but as I said earlier 114 F here.)
Wizard's Peak
And how much snow? That's an 8-foot wall there covering up a path to the watchtower and keeping tourists from visiting the other 3/4 ths of the crater.
But of course when the above snow melts, it turns into a beautiful this:
The Rouge River
And back in Jacksonville, OR is the Llamas and Llambs Boutique.
Llamas and Llambs Boutique
Beautiful place, I got a pound of plain white wool that feels buttery soft and some really gorgeous merino-tencel that I started to spin as soon as I got home.
L& L Boutique building
And then we left Oregon but first we stopped at the Human Bean, a drive through coffee shop.
The Human Bean
And a shot of the menu (click on it to see the larger Flickr version)
Human Bean Menu
I got the Snowy Mt. Ashland which was goooood! And that's a white chocolate covered espresso bean on top.
Snowy Mt. Ashland with a white chocolate covered espresso bean
Part 3 still to come.

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