Friday, July 06, 2007

Dear Knitting Projects,

I think we need to take a break. It isn't you or me, it's the weather. I just can't knit when the temperature is 118 degrees Farenheit ( 48 C), first you become slimy when you're wool and then sticky when you're cotton. And on top of that, my head starts swimming and I feel the need to go lie down.

I'll try to work on you after the sun sets and the temp goes down to 90 (32 C) for the night but that does leave us very little time. Maybe you won't mind if I spin since I'll knit with that yarn later in the year. Anyway, I hope you understand. - Nea

(P. S. to all other Knitter's, What's the weather like where you are?)


Knitting Mama said...

Right now it's rainy here in Montreal. I've been knitting like crazy this week! But it looks like the humidity here will be back (ugh!)

Michelle said...

Here in Australia, it's cold. Too damn cold. Makes for good knitting weather, though!