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Free Pattern

Okay, so I'm a little late for Socktoberfest, but this pattern was written in June so it doesn't count (I also published this before on my old non-working blog which I deleted so I republished it on this blog).
I wrote this pattern for my Dad for Father's day because I had made a pair of hand knit socks for my Mom for Mother's day and it just seemed fair to make a pair for him as well. They are a basic cuff-down, heel flap sock and are knit with Cascade fixation for the extra stretch, and knit tightly it can wear like iron.
So have fun and enjoy, and if you knit them in black they can look practically identical to store bought socks with much more comfort for your conservative-type father/brother/son/college pal on the other side of the planet or just down the hall.

Dad's Socks


Size : Fits Men's Medium
(leg circumference is about 10 inches, and I alway make my Dad's socks to about 10-10 1/2 inches on the foot and I have about 15 stretched yards left when I'm done.)

Needles : Size 3US (3.25 mm) set of 4 dpns
Yarn : Cascade Yarns Fixation (186 yds stretched 100 yds relaxed per 50g ball/98.3% cotton 1.7% elastic) 2 balls

Gauge : 28 sts and 50 rows = 4" (10cm) in Stockinette st

CO 64 sts divide on 3 needles as follows: Needle 1 - 24sts; Needle 2 - 16sts; Needle 3 - 24sts. Join without twisting.
Rnd 1 : (K1, P1) repeat to end of rnd.
Repeat rnd 1 10x more for a total of 11 rnds.

Rnd 1 : (K3, P1) repeat across rnd.
Repeat rnd 1 until work is 6 inches long.

Heel Flap
Work 31 sts in patt, hold on N1 (heel will be worked on N2 and N3)
1(RS): Sl1, (K1, P1) repeat to end of heel
2(WS): Sl1, (P1, K1) repeat to end of heel
Repeat rows 1&2 14 more times (15 repeats total)
Note for Heel flap: On the first row replace Sl1 with P1

Turn Heel
Row 1 (RS) : Sl1, k18, ssk, k1, turn
Row 2 : Sl1, p6, p2tog, p1, turn
Row 3 : Sl1, k7, ssk, k1, turn
Row 4 : Sl1, p8, p2tog, p1, turn
Row 5 : Sl1, k9, ssk, k1, turn
Row 6 : Sl1, p10, p2tog, p1, turn
Row 7 : Sl1, k11, ssk, k1, turn
Row 8 : Sl1, p12, p2tog, p1, turn
Row 9 : Sl1, k13, ssk, k1, turn
Row 10 : Sl1, p14, p2tog, p1, turn
Row 11 : Sl1, k15, ssk, k1, turn
Row 12 : Sl1, p16, p2tog, p1, turn
Row 13 : Sl1, k17, ssk.
Row 14 : Sl1, purl to last 2 sts, p2tog (19 sts)
Row 15 : Knit across
Slip last 10 sts of heel onto another needle

Pick up and knit 16 sts from heel flap and 1 from between the heel flap and held sts, this is now needle 1; Work needle 2 in pattern st as established; With new needle 3 pick up one st from between held sts and heel flap and 18 sts from heel flap then knit remaining 10 sts onto needle 3.
Needle 1 - 26 sts
Needle 2 - 31 sts
Needle 3 - 27 sts
Rnd 1 : N1 knit to last 2 sts k2tog; N2 work in patt st; N3 ssk knit to end.
Rnd 2 : N1 knit across; N2 work in patt; N3 knit across.
Rnd 3 : N1 knit to last 2 sts k2tog; N2 work in patt; N3 ssk knit across.
Repeat rnds 2 & 3 until N1 has 15 sts and N3 has 16 sts.
Knit across needle 1

Rnd 1 : Knit in patt across new needle 1; Knit across new needles 2 & 3
Repeat until sock measures 2 inches from desired length from heel.

Rnd 1 : K1, k2tog knit to last 3 sts on N1 ssk, k1; k1, k2tog knit across N2; knit to last 3 sts on N3 ssk, k1.
Rnd 2 : Knit across
Repeat until 22 sts are left in rnd.

Slip sts from N2 and N3 to one needle.
Leaving a 12 inch tail cut yarn and graft sts together. (Grafting instructions avaliable here from Knitty.)
Weave in ends

Note : This is my own pattern so feel free to link the pattern, make these socks for yourself or as a gift, but you may not sell the pattern or socks made fom the pattern for your own personal gain. Other than that, enjoy.
Copyright 2006 Andrea Straw

On a lighter note: I'd love to see how your socks turn out if you make these so please leave a comment with a way to see what you knit. Also, if you have any questions e-mail me at ladyneaknitsalot AT yahoo DOT com and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Last Edited: 7/26/07

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ella kelly said...

I just downloaded your directions to make my first pair of socks. How long does it take YOU to make them? It feels like socks will take years!?
Thanks for the pattern.