Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm loving Ravelry

So you all know about Ravelry right?
Well I'm just loving how easy it is to search for new patterns. Say your looking for gloves in a DK/Sport weight yarn. Two clicks away (three if you only want to see the ones with pictures, and four if you only want to see free patterns) and there you are.

So far my queue has gone far off the 30+ list so a far bit of it is more like a smoke dream queue rather than an actual "I will knit this" queue.

And since I've had the progress on the Mystery Stole 3 here is my progress at the end of Clue 1 Chart A.
Mystery Stole 3 Clue 1 Chart A - again

I really should get back to that last un-casted on sock that needs to be done for my Dad's 50th birthday on Saturday. There is a way that has made me get a move on with them though.
Me to Myself: "But they are boring! Nothing but plain ribbing and I've got that lovely stole sitting at my desk."
Myself to Me: "Ahem, who is paying for you to go to college? And books? As well as a car that you only have to pay insurance on?"
Me to Myself: "Okay, that makes sense." (This is the point at which I get a burst of knitting speed and knock out an inch or two before I start the conversation again.)

Note: I am completely mentally present, and I do not really have conversations with myself, that is just what runs through my head. And if you think about it a whole lot runs through our heads at any given moment it's quite interesting how we can focus on one thing without being completely distracted by a memory or an emotion.


Gloria said...

Ravelry is now my newest scary obsession. It's really bad!

Best of luck with the socks!!

Bullwinkle said...

I so do not need to start saving ideas for my "next" project.

Cataloging my stash, with the hope that my loved ones never find out, may influence my spending habits. (My alter-ego just snarked in my head: Maybe - if there were, like, a monitor with your stash flashing in front of your face, you might pay attention.)

p.s. Ftr, I am only mildly disconcerted that my snarky alter-ego addresses me in the second person.