Friday, May 25, 2007

Pasha is done!

Pasha's done!
See, although I had serious doubts this morning when I was seaming up everything and kept having visions of stabbing myself with the needle that kept getting stuck and I would then have to force through.

In Sockapalooza news, I still can't decide on a pattern. I've debated over three different skeins and I did decide on a nice burgundy one but now I can't figure out what to make (I've already pulled out 4 differnt patterns, so Cherry Tree Hill makes great yarn since it has put up with this and doesn't seem any worse for wear.)

Yarn wise, well lets just say my wallet took another hit this week with getting the new IK summer issue and I already want to make three different things as well as the wedding canopy but oh the yarn requirements, it will have to wait until I do plan on getting married and in my current boyfriend-less state I doubt that will be happening anytime soon.
Then I also got some roving but I'll post about it when it gets here.
And I'm imposing a new yarn-diet rule here, no more purchases until June 17th because I need to save up the money for vacation yarn and that is the day my vacation begins.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and remember not only our fallen but their families as well.

edited to say: the pattern info is in the previous post and off of


Gloria said...

The Pasha is very cute! I have been eyeing some things in IK also. I don't see myself making the chupah because its just so huge, even though I am planning on having a chupah at my wedding. I just bought more yarn for another sweater, so I have to be on a yarn diet too, for a bit. We already know my stash is out of control.

Chelsea the Yarngeek said...

I love your Pasha! I'm hoping to make on for my Linux loving DH. And, you've been tagged! Visit my blog for details!