Thursday, May 24, 2007

Look there's knitting content!

And we now resume our previously programmed blogging.
Well I realized about two days ago that my little cousin will be turning 4 on June 12th and thought to myself. Ahhhh! What's a knitter to do. Then I thought of Pasha, and I already have a bunch of acrylic from my pre-LYS knowledge years and what a perfect thing to make a toy out of other than a practically indestructible yarn. So I cast on last night and here it is right now.
pieces of Pasha
I still need a wing and another foot. After reading through the finishing instructions that the author made I think I'll be seaming this a bit differently from how she did. First I'll sew him up along the sides and below the beak so I can stuff him from the bottom and stick my hand in to sew on the wings and feet before stuffing him. I really like this pattern and I'm contemplating it for another cousin who has a birthday on the 14th. A stuffed animal is okay for a guy who is turning 22 right?
Then I cast on (again) for Tessa's Shawl and I've nick-named it my Patience shawl. For many other reasons than the fact that it will take some patience to knit this up.
Tessa shawl1
As you can see I have quite a way to go.
In other news Ravelry if you are on there yet I'm Nea so look me up or leave your name in the comments and I'll look you up cause I'd love to see what you are up to.
And now I leave you with a piture of (in my completely un-biased opinion) the cutest cat in the world.


Nell said...

Very cute kitty.

And I love that pasha pattern. But I'd hate all that seaming.

theatreknitter said...

oooo, where did you get that pattern. hoping start a baptism blanket soom, and I love that lace. I finished the chevron scarf, just have to block it.

Not much internet access this summer, so I am having trouble posting my pictures.