Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mother's Day?

Monkey socks
Yup, the Monkey Socks from Knitty
Shh! They are for mother's day
These are super fast and easy to take everywhere. (Like math class when you need to stay awake)
Monkey detail
I knit them on 2.75mm needles and I really liked the feel of the yarn.
Tofutsies is a great sock yarn but one problem I had with this skein is that there were a lot of tied off breaks in the skein and I was constantly joining so that was a little deterring.

So great pattern and I am most likely going to repeat this pattern for myself.
Also, the dogsitting is almost over so I should be back with my little tutorial next, but it should take a little time since there were 23 pictures in the set (sorry about how big this is if you are still on dial-up).

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Gloria said...

What pretty socks! I'm sure your mother will love them.