Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Tale of Woe

Okay the reason I can't be a waitress, I'm allergic to the sanitzer that they use on the dishes.
Basically they wash the dishes rinse dunk them in a tub of sanitizer and rinse them one last time before resuing the dishes, but when it gets really busy you have to dunk your hand into the sanitizer to grab a spare bowl rinse it and give the patron their dish. Well, the first day wasn't too bad. My hand got a little numb but it went away, well yesterday it got a whole lot worse and my whole palm was red and burning and I couldn't wash it off with any of the soaps I could find and when I left I was having a harder time breathing. Well today my breathing is almost completely back to normal but my hand still has a dull burning sensation.
So even though I didn't have to go to the hospital or anything serious, I got this feeling that it would get worse as I did this more often. (Plus the fact that I touched the side of my eyelid (tearduct side) AFTER I had washed my hands 20 different times and it swelled up within 5 minutes.) So I'll just add waitressing as a job I can't do for health reasons (this would be the first) because I liked it, I just didn't like the way my body felt after I was done. Which was similar to how I felt after I took a bath with a soap that had a dye additive that I was allergic to.

Oh and in positive news: I finished a pair of socks. I'll post about them tomorrow hopefully.


Nell said...

Yeah- red, burning hand... Not the right job for you! Hopefully it's back to normal soon.

Anonymous said...

Would wearing non latex gloves help at all?

Gloria said...

I'm so sorry it didn't work out!