Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hello Again

I cannot fully explain the joy and wonderfulness that is sleeping in your own bed in a place you know.
That said this is what I came home to:
Your doing what?
Yup, the phone company has been updating their system to fiber optics so we get their huge digging machine sitting on our front lawn (it sank in a couple inches so now we have a nice brown gap there.)
Meet Toffee
This is the infamous Toffee, a Besengi/Chihuahua mix (I don't know if that is the correct spelling of Besengi but feel free to tell me if you do know). He is the reason for my absence since I needed to let him out every 4 to 6 hours and the Chihuahua part of him can't stand being alone for very long.
Bell Mountain
This is the dormant volcano here in Apple Valley. I've always been enchanted with it and I'd love to go climb up the side but I've never had the time. (If you are going from LA to Las Vegas you are sure to see it once you pass Victorville and start right into the stretch of road that has nothing else to see.)
Bell Mountain wide view
Again another shot, but if you are looking for the freeway it will be on the other side.
Dead Man's Rock
Click on the picture to get it's description on Flickr since I find it very depressing and I've already written about it once. Anyway it is about two miles or less away from my house so I couldn't give you the backyard shot which would have been much clearer, but I would have needed to make it into a mosaic.

We will now resume or regularly scheduled knitting updates. But you'll have to wait for the tutorial, I accidentally mixed up the photos and I'm now working on organizing them into their correct order.

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