Saturday, May 05, 2007

Whan you have nothing else to post...

Post about your cat.
Sleepy Belle
Belle paw
Belle paw closeup
That done, I'll only speak about my knitting.
I've ripped out the Bayerische socks because as stretch as they are, they don't shrink down very well, and I didn't enjoy the loose feeling around my ankle. I've acquired the yarn for my Sockapalooza pal's socks, now I just have to decide on a pattern (it could still end up as one of my own creations) but I guess it will hit me when I find it, since that's usually how I decide on things.
I cast on another sock, which I'll link and tell you about when I'm in the mood for linking. And I've even made another pattern for knitted candle holders, now before you laugh, they are made with a metal wire that I string beads onto. I think I'll be listing a few in my shop when I can get some good pictures of them so they may show up soon.

Good night all, I'll see you later.

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Christina Franklin said...

Hello from your sockapalooza pal! From reading your posts you remind me so much of my friend Jamie (coincidently your feet are almost the exact same size). You spin! Brilliant. I live in livestock heaven, although sheep less so than pigs.