Thursday, February 01, 2007

I finished a Christmas present!

Um, from last year. Yes I'm behind, although these socks were a test of endurance, could I handle knitting in Stst for so long without losing it? Apparently yes although I came close when last night I finally bit the bullet and I realized that I only had 33 rows to go, so I plopped myself on the couch turned on the tv and zipped through those rows with my new found inspiration. So here they are, sorry about the blurry photo, I was standing on a chair and I get a little dizzy and unsteady when I'm up higher than I can stand by myself.
These are a little late
They are a spin off of my Dad's Father's day sock pattern on the sidebar in the sense that I switched to plain Stst without any ribbing, and I put a short row heel in instead of a heel flap. As an afterthought now, I will put ribbing in any socks I make for my Dad because I just can't stand the miles of Stst that I had to go through.

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