Monday, October 09, 2006

Sorry no knitting pics

Yup, that's because Blogger and I are fighting and whenever I try to put a picture in my post he won't let me publish it. Anyway I'm tinkering around with a sock pattern with a short row heel (gasp) that I'm designing and hopefully it works out okay.
And I've also realized why I've been feeling sligtly depressed lately. I have no one to really talk to other than the invisible people who may or may not be reading this. Plus the communication line open with my friend is pretty draining since she is bordering meltdown from planning her 18th birthday and all I've been doing is listening and I really can't tell her what comes up in my life. What could I tell her? That I don't want to listen to her tales of guy trouble because I can't stand that I haven't had a boyfriend or date in almost two years? Well what if I turn this into a journal where I can really vent and write about things that don't revolve around knitting? Then I can vent and not keep it all pent up inside. It could help so I'll try it.

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