Friday, October 06, 2006

My First Pair of Socks

Socktober, a time to remember previous socks and a time to celebrate all sockmaking. So, I introduce you to my first pair of socks.
My First Socks
They were made from Ausermann Step and don't ask me about anything else because I just don't remember. What happened was that I had been introduced to Blogs by my History teacher in my Senior year when he required all of us to write a current events blog. Then I found bloglines which introduced me to other knitters, this was a shock to me since I had been used to being the only knitter for miles as far as I knew and I had never gone anywhere other than Walmart for yarn and I had no idea there was anything else to knit. Then I heard about Knitty. It was the issue with the Pomatomi pattern, I couldn't believe people could actually knit such a thing! Well I went back on the internet and looked up a yarn store where I could find a yarn as thin as the pattern was suggesting, if only I had taken a picture of my face when I found out I had a LYS five minutes from my house (and Walmart is 15 minutes away).
So I started and I knit, Since I knit continental the stitches were backwards, so I left the knit through back loops alone since I was already knitting through the back loops. And when I finished one sock I just started on the second without a thought to color changes or a feeling of second sock syndrome. But I finished them and it took me a few months to figure out why those stitches had been backwards. But now I have almost finished my fifth pair of socks and have a special love for sock yarns.

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Miss Lime said...

Gorgeous! I love that they're obviously the same color and the same yarn but they're not identical twins by any means. :)