Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Okay so I'm a few days late in kicking off Socktoberfest. None the less I have been working on socks, to the point that on my German test when it said what comes to mind when you think of Germans or Germany, I wrote down Stockings.
And look what I finished in Biology yesterday:
Socks in the Sunshine
Okay well I finished the gussets. But hey, what else was I supposed to do I waited in class for over an hour and the professor never showed up. So I knit and I got to explain to non-knitters how variegated yarn works. So now I only need to finish the insteps and toes and I can have a finished Christmas present.
Anyway it is a typical High Desert fall, really cold nights and warm to hot days. And I have to get a jump on my spinning so I can have the yarn I was planning to knit some Christmas presents out of.

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