Sunday, October 15, 2006

Playing Catch-up

I've been lagging behind with pictures, so while I'm waiting for my wrist to feel better I'll just show you what I had been working on prior to the wrist incident.
Amanda's SKB
That's it. About 5 repeats for the yoke of the Simple knitted bodice that is supposed to be done by the night of October 31st. (Does anyone want to laugh with me now at the thought of that deadline?)
And then of course my sister's cat came by to explore my room last night and guess what he did...
Moe the Adventurer
He jumped up on my desk, then to the top of my computer, and finally my shelf which is about 2 feet above the computer. The only thing that stopped him from going higher was the roof.
Anyway I'll go try to knit again since I just can't stay away. I'm actually learning how to kind of knit with one hand, even though it is really slow.

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