Thursday, September 14, 2006

Missed Chances

I usually wouldn't post something this personal, but it's all I've though about since I found out. If you remember on monday my quick reference to the claa Valedictorian. Well I had the biggest crush on him this last year of High School, and I still do since I still haven't gotten over him.
What happened today was that I just found out that after he finishes Boot Camp he and his entire platoon will be sent to Iraq.
Now here's the part about missed chances. This year when we went to Europe I told him that I like him. Nothing happened, we graduated and that was it. Then his mom sent his Boot Camp address to me so I could write to him, I didn't because I was just too scared. Well now I know my very last chance and I'm too scared to just let it go bye without me taking it. So my plan is to make him a helmetliner from the link on moday and I'll send it to him with a letter and cross my fingers. Ich glaube ja.
I wrote that part in German class because it was on my mind and I couldn't focus without it.

And now back at home.
Strawberry LemonadeMy mom has got to make the best Strawberry Lemonade. It's so good I'll give you a rough recipe for it, since we never really measure anything whn we put it together.
First start with 1 can condensed pink lemonade, mix as on lable. Put as many strawberries as you want (defrosted pre-packaged or fresh, the store bought type will disolve more when mixed) and about 1/2 to 1 cup of sugar in a blender, add some of your lemonade, blend. Add strawberry mixture to your lemonade and enjoy!
Lucky PuppiesThe puppies are now 6 months old and still growing, poor Lucca is going to need his third collar because this one is going to start to choke him soon if he keeps growing like he has in the last couple months.
Hand Painted SpindleAnd look what I got from e-bay! It's beautiful. I got it from Annie May Stone and from the day she shipped it, I got it the next day, but we are in the same state so it didn't really have to travel very far. She also inluded some really super soft wool that feels better than butter to practice on the spindle with. Anyway I'm going to sleep at the computer so I'll go to bed now.

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