Friday, September 15, 2006

Nothing Much Today

So I really haven't been knitting too much on the Simple Knitted Bodice because I simply just don't feel like it because it requires a bit more concentration than some other projects I have on the needles.
2nd Pic of SKBBut there it is, only two repeats for the yoke done and I'm slowly adding rows. I actually hadn't touched it in a week but when tonight when I went outside I felt how cold it was getting and I knew I should get a jump start on it and start working on it, if anything to wear it at night since during the day it is still well into the 80's and 90's Farenheit.
Sock Log Cabin 2
And this is my sock yarn log cabin blanket, not even 10 inches square yet but I'm working on it. I actually have two other log cabin blankets in the works one with worsted weight yarn and another in chunky weight yarn, basically so I could use up the leftover yarn and get somethign useful out of it, for say those car rides home at night coming from my Grandmother's house and my dad blasting on the airconditioning because he's the only one in the car feeling unbearably hot.
All in all it's been a slow day so nothing to report. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Roseann said...

I like your log cabin blanket and find it funny that I also have the fortissima cotton colori in the Jeans colorway. I always think I will knit socks for needy children with my extra yarn, your blanket idea is more realistic.