Saturday, September 01, 2007

What on earth was I supposed to say?

I was knitting along earlier today during a break in Phlebotomy and this woman comes up to me.

"Oh, how cute. Is that a sock?"

I nod, I'm beginning to be impressed by the sheer number of non-knitters that can identify a sock as the heel is being turned.

"Are you making it for one of your kids?"

I hesitate, "Nope, it's for me." She sits down and immediately I start wondering. Kids? As in plural, more than one? Do I look that old, or am I just being very revolutionary by not having kids before I turn twenty.

After that I started wondering why didn't I say that I don't have kids in the first place instead of just saying the sock is for me.

I need to get out of this town. Thank goodness I'm half finished with my prerequisites for the Nursing program.


Nell said...

YAY! Another future nurse!

And I hear you about small towns. I had to get out of mine in Michigan too. And I'm the only one of my high school friends without kids. Phew! Dodged that bullet!

Anonymous said...

Many people perceive knitting as something that only older women do. It's a stereotype.

Bullwinkle said...


I'm stunned by the number of people who ask inappropriate questions vs the direct approach: "who's it for?"

Maybe she wanted to talk about her kids ;) (Since she clearly didn't want to talk about the sock.)