Saturday, July 14, 2007

Summer 07 Killer Vacation part 3

Okay it's finally here, the last part of the vacation. And now enjoy our return trip through Northern California...enjoy!

California State Capitol Building
First we stopped at the Capitol Building, it's impressive. I missed out on the trip here with my fifth grade class when I was 11 so I thought it great to finally see it when I could really admire the details.

Governors office from 1906
This is the old 1906 refurbished Governors office. There was a bar at the entrance so this was the only shot I could get. And is it just me or is it just funny to see the spittoons next to the desks?

Old Sacramento
We also went to Old Sacramento with the original buildings which I wish I had taken better pictures of but I didn't think of it until we left. Very interesting layout and the tallest building was three floors tall with a basement, and right down the center was a big open area where the staircase would curve around.

Summer Vacation 2007 haul
The haul from the trip (sorry about the lighting, we got home at 10pm and I wanted to get a pic before going to bed. I got fiber, yarn, 2.5mm needles (which you can't get around here), and some Kookaburra wool wash that I wanted to try out.

So there you have it. The trip in photos. Next up some finished objects and catching up with my knitting. Did I mention I joined the Mystery Stole 3?

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