Sunday, July 01, 2007

Dear Knitted Tops

You suck. You are not like skirts that fit me very well, or like socks that need no shaping other than to fit my heel, and even shawls which never blend well with the rest of my wardrobe always fit. Yet you, oh despised tanks and sweaters always require bust shaping to be removed or tinkered with so that something always goes wrong. This leaves this knitter completely depressed that even though she is a knitter, she cannot even knit a well-fitted sweater for herself. You mock me with your lace and cables and bustlines that read 33 1/2 but never 31 or 32.

One day dear sweater I will defeat you, I WILL find a way to make you fit perfectly and appear flattering as much as you resist it. You will submit to my will and the tears I have spent ripping out or settling on a top that doesn't quite seem perfect will all be over, and you will get yours.

Consider yourself warned,

p.s. To all the non-tops out there, this does mean I have a new finished item but don't expect a great work of art.

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