Sunday, July 01, 2007

Summer 07 Straw Family Killer Vacation part 1

Okay thanks to my Uncle who always calls out family vacations 'Killer Vacations' because that is how I got the name for this series.

On to the pictures and the narrative:

This first one was from before we left and Indy was still in the house. This happens to be her "But I don't want to wear clothes!" face. Unfortunately she needed the shirt because she still had the drains in and well we didn't want it to drain on the carpet. Fortunately she is doing great now and the scar is very faint and she acts like it never happened.
Indy luckiest dog alive

Again before we left there was WWKIP day and I went to Knott's Berry Farm with my Dad, sister (not pictured she was in another line for a roller coaster, we chose the stagecoach), My Dad's Aunt and Cousin. They were visiting CA so we took them to Knott's and visited.
Trip to Knott's on WWKIP day

Of course like any good knitter, I snuck in my dpn's and worked on my sock. The funniest part about working on a sock in public where many people have never seen someone knit is that before I took out the sock all of the kids around me were screaming and yelling then slowly you realize that they have all gone quiet and that they are watching you transfixed by the sticks and string that are working together and becoming a fabric.
In this picture I came across a knot and looped around it because I forgot to sneak in a pair of scissors.
Skipping over a knot without scissors

On to the vacation! Here is the sun when we left. Before 6am mind you, which is why I didn't take pictures of myself except for when my mother forced me to.
Leaving before 6am for Reno

Well, once we got to Reno, we visited Deluxe Yarns. Let me tell ya, I love this YS (no L unless you call 400+ miles away local). The owner Florrie was so nice, (mind you my sister and I are 19 and 17 and there was no age discrimination) and helpful but not overly attentive. There were lots of general worsted yarn varieties, and a whole wall of sock yarns including Claudia Hand Paint which of course just HAD to come with me. If you are ever in Reno you have got to check out this shop. It's off of the alley way so getting to the parking area was a little confusing but easily accessible if you are coming at it going north towards Vassar instead of south from Vassar.
Deluxe yarns

Okay still in Reno, but at every intersection for about 5 blocks there were these cool windcatchers and they were all different so I just had to grab a pic of one.

Honestly, I have no idea why I took this picture, I vaguely remember that the building had to do with something but all I can say now is "Look at the pretty building with the gold roof" But will this teach me to record what I photograph, I think not.
Umm, I forgot what this was.

Okay here is a simple picture because I live in the Mojave Desert and that means no vegetation whatsoever unless it is Russian Thistle or Joshua Trees and those are all very prickly and not too green either. But indulge me for a moment while I just enjoy the fact that every inch of earth is covered in GREEN. Ahh, it's the simple things in life.
Look! Green stuff!

And now that part one is closing, I leave you with the Claudia Handpaint that I purchased from Florrie in the colorway "Plumicious". I found this same colorway at another YS but I much prefer how this dyelot turned out in comparison to the others, I keep having to slap my hand every time I want to start winding it into a ball and just cast on, since I'm trying to just finish all of these projects that I've already cast on and should just finish first.
Claudia's Handpaint


Nell said...

The dog in the T-shirt is so cute. And it's looks like you're having a great time.

Michelle said...

Sounds like a great trip! Very nice yarn you have there, by the way.