Friday, July 20, 2007


I just checked my MS3 and realized (as much as I've been trying to avoid) that my gauge is simply too small and since I'd like an adult woman to be the one wearing it and not a 4 year old, I'll be ripping it out and starting over.

The plus side is that I know I can knit it properly since I've gotten thus far and never once needed to rip back and re-knit to fix a mistake. So I'll start over, and since there are two weeks until the next clue I should have some time to catch up again.

edit: No, if you were going to ask. I did not start by making a gauge swatch at first, I thought I would make up my mind by row 50 but I kept going thinking it would be alright. Will this teach me to swatch? NO! Am I really that stupidly stubborn? YES! Okay back to MS3, it's ripped and the 3.5mm needles are waiting, will I swatch this time? NO and I will live with it no matter what this time, because seriously, this is a stole precise gauge isn't going to matter all that much to me.

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