Friday, June 01, 2007

Project Spectrum?

So not working out. First I need to finish my sockapalooza socks which don't make the current colors, then I need to finish my Father's birthday socks(eep!), plus I have a very green bikini I'd like to finish in the next two weeks that again is not in the current colors. So I am now giving up PS and just going to focus on finishing these things without strangling myself with yarn that is clamoring to be knit. Also, I cast on another shawl, so apparently project monogammy is not my best quality (just to be clear this is in no way a problem in relationships, just yarn.)
So now I'm going to go back to knitting wool socks in the land of 100 degrees Farenheit IN THE SHADE. Thank God for wind, or the humidity would make this lethal. Welcome to a regular Spring day in the High Desert.

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Nell said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's behind on PS. I think I'm still on blue! Oh well. It's a brilliant idea, I just can't keep up.