Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Nothing today

Since I'm nursing the dog. (Actually it's more like trying to keep her from trying to run all over the place). So the surgery went fine and the stitches are in place, and apparently the pain meds are doing their job.
I should have some knitting content tomorrow. But until then, have any of you every knit with JaggerSpun Zephyr lace weight? Seriously I thought I could zip through 630 yards of it with my size 7 needles but so far it feels like I knit and knit and I haven't used up any yarn.
Actually I think I'll go to bed early tonight, something about waking up at 4:45 am and having to walk the dog outside before she'd fall back to sleep really takes it out of me after falling asleep at about 3am when we got her home. Yes, I know we're crazy.

Oh and before I forget, thanks for all the complements on the shrug. Goodnight.

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Gloria said...

I hope your dog is doing better! It sounds like she is bouncing right back.

I find that lace yarn just goes on and on. I am always surprised at how much you can get out of it, especially considering the way a sweater will just eat up worsted yarn.