Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Why Belle is a better cat than the other house cat

Why my cat is better than your cat
While Belle slept quietly in my room not bothering a thing and sleeping on the wool toy I gave her. The other cat that lives in this house sneaked past her and grabbed the sock yarn in the picture.
I rest my case.


theatreknitter said...

she is so pretty!!!! can't wait to have a four legged friend of my own, soon. . . . I plan on it being the barking kind though.

Bullwinkle said...

I was surfing over at FKD and scrolling through her comments, I noticed "I had been talking to myself for months and when my first comment arrived,..." and I just about fell off my chair. I refer to it (in my new blog) as "writing into the void". And although, I'm sure others feel the same way, this was the first time I'd heard someone say it.

What a good (pretty) kitty you have (and, apparently, a naughty one). Mine was my tension minder. Perhaps you could train the naughty one to be your "random color generator" (pick random color of yarn from pile for next stripe of project.)

And my other four-footed friend: she's a fiber generator. Twice a year.

frecklegirl jess said...

Nuts! Bad other kitty!

My dog just likes to sniff yarn- we have taught him to not touch it. He does go into the craft room every once in a while to smell it though. I think he just likes yarn too. :)