Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Not that it lasted for more than 30 minutes

But still, I thought I'd post it because one is still intact.
Puppy Pacifier
I included the 80-lb puppy for scale.

But since the 60-lb puppy still has hers I'll write down the instructions so you can make them too.

Puppy Pacifier

some scrap worsted weight wool yarn
size F/5 3.75mm crochet hook

Gauge: not important but mine was 16 sts for 4 inches (10mm) across

Chain 28
DC in 4th loop and DC across row.
Work in DC for 6 rows or until work folds over into a square.
Fold in half and SC all but one seam together
Stuff lightly then seam remaining edge.
Make sure all ends are secured and hand to puppy.

Mine took about 30 min each to finish but if you have a smaller dog you could make a smaller pacifier in which case it would take you less time to make.


Edited to add: Please watch your puppy while they have this toy, if they do rip it they could accidentally swallow the yarny bits and it isn't safe for them.

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