Sunday, April 15, 2007

Who has the best Secret Pal?

I do. Look at everything she sent.
Grouped goodies
Doesn't it make you want to squee? I did.
There were yummies (litterally by name and taste), and Tim Tams which I simply love! And even better with a Hot drink (thanks for the tip SP). And even Vegemite, which I am still a little nervous to try, but I may try it tomorrow after my classes.
Fibery Goodness
What's this? Cashmere blend wool? Mmm, the possibilities. Right now it only sits above my desk and I squish it ever so often. Then she also sent some merino and and tussah silk roving, oh the possibilities.
Actually I showed my non-knitting sister the yarn and I nearly had to steal it back as she sprinted towards her room with it.
Knitting Notions
And since she must have some crystal ball telling her the pathetic state of my measuring tape, she sent a new pretty one that can zip itself up at the press of a button. Also, were these stitch markers which I can't wait to try out, so this may require some UFO busting.
And of course, a ball of yarn necklace. From this Etsy seller. I thought it was great and immediately put it on.

Thank you so much Michelle it was a lot of fun, and I really appreciate the extra effort.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

You're welcome! I had a blast putting the package together.

(I also laughed for about five minutes at your sister's mad, yarn laden sprint to freedom).