Tuesday, April 17, 2007

When in doubt...

Knit washcloths.
I figure that if I finish a couple of these every month I'll have plenty of back up gifts and enough for Christmas so I don't end up in a mad rush, and pass out the fudge to the near-diabetics.
And hey, at least it supplies some mindless knitting without stealing time from my more complicated projects.
What do you knit for gifts?
Also, since in a little over a month I'll be finishing my first full year of college and was contemplating a giveaway, ideas on what? Like yarn, needles, book, stitch markers?


Roseann said...

I have made cloths similar to these (your striped one is very fancy) when I switched to continental knitting. I sent them out to everyone. A few cloths and a few bars of scented soap would be a nice gift, too.

Michelle said...

Dishcloths are always good gifts! I'll occasionally knit socks as presents, too- but only if the recipient is 'worthy'.