Sunday, February 04, 2007

No I didn't disappear

I just got a little caught up in stuff. But Friday this came in the mail right as I was leaving for Los Angeles:
Secret Pals are great
My secret pal was apparently cleaning up her stash and sent me this box of fiber. It feels really soft and I like the colors, thing is I had already ordered some merino to spin and send to my other secret pal, and her box will fill my allowed fiber storage space so I don't know where to put it. At least I'll just spin for a while and that should solve the problem. So anyway, after I got the package my Mom, my Sister and I drove down to Los Angeles to see my cousin in a play at her High School. She played Audrey (the Lead) in The Little Shop of Horrors. She was really good and held her accent through the entire time. It was a little sad though because her 3-year-old brother wanted to go and see, but he's at that age where everything is real so seeing the plant eat blood would have scared him too much.
Also, the way I'm making the money to fund my crafty hobbies is at my Etsy store which is linked on my sidebar. And I just updated it and my favorites are these:
Blue Rush
I was outside looking at the pool when I got the idea for them so I hung them over the water and took a shot of it, I love how the picture turned out so I thought I'd share it with you. And now, on to my last week before spring semester begins and I have to start my mini-commute to school, but I did get an appointment with my counselor to help me get a better schedule of classes for the next four years.

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