Thursday, January 25, 2007

So how've ya been?

Me? I've been okay, I pulled a muscle in my arm yesterday so there will be no knitting progress in this post.
Anyway I thought this was cool so I thought I'd show this to you too:
It's the newest yarn at my LYS and I thought it was great so I brought it home.
Here's the kicker though:
Tofutsies with crab
It's made with shrimp and crab shells, and it's antibacterial!
So it's sitting on my shelf and waiting for me to knit with which won't be for at least another day.
I also have a FO but I'll go put it in another post.

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Emelia said...

ok, that is the oddest yarn I have ever heard of. I can't wait to hear about how it knits up! BTW, I sent an invitation to be an author on the Design-A-Long to your e-mail address.