Saturday, January 27, 2007

How I'm starting this year

Well, I know I didn't give a narrative of my last year earlier this month, because frankly, I felt like it sucked.
My Grandfather died and even though I did say goodbye the week before I still feel like I missed the chance of talking to him more and getting to know him better.
That made Thanksgiving and Christmas harder but then my sister tried to set me up with this guy but even though I liked him I got the "Let's just be friends" talk within a couple weeks. And I'm over it, but I still feel alone since even my friends and I lost touch after High School and other than my one friend from kindergarten I haven't been able to really make any new friends (people at the LYS don't count since I'm the only one who is under 40.
So I am making a resolution other than the one's I already made, to put myself out there more and see how that does, and hey maybe that will cure the insomnia (which I have suspected to be a result of the fact that I don't want to fall asleep and dream and then wake up to them not being real.)

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Shorty said...

So sorry to hear you are unhappy in 2007. I made a similar resolution for 2007. I'm going to try to make this a better year for myself and anyone my life touches.

Good luck to us both!