Saturday, November 25, 2006

Yarn Obtainment

Okay so the tale begins about this time last year when 17 year old me had finally accepted that my 29" chest would remain 29". So I bought (hold the fainting but I had not discovered yarns beyond Walmart and Michaels before this) a pretty sweater that fit comfortably around. Well lo and behold that was the winter my flat as a board chest decided to pop out a bit and my new 31" frame didn't fit the sweater quite so well, to the point which I had to pick breathing comfortably or wearing this pretty and oh so squishy sweater. Since I am here typing to you the sweater has remained unwearable in my closet for the past year. So, I have been unseaming it and ripping it out for the past 2 hours and I will show the pics of the yarn when it is done. So for now I think I will sleep and then wake up to a bright and beautiful waltz-less saturday (which I have not had in months). So everyone have a beautiful and glorious weekend and may God bless you.

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