Sunday, September 10, 2006

What I've Been Up To

Beginning Yoke for SKBFirst the yarn for my Simple Knitted Bodice. It is a really simple pattern and easy to follow. I'm not completely sure of how much yarn I have but I know that I at least have enough for the short sleeved version so I'll just divide all of my yarn left when I start the sleeves and knit until I run out.

Bad Photo of the Birches PomatomiThen here is the Pomatomi I've been reknitting. Sorry for the bad picture but it didn't want to be photograhed in my room, so I'll take it outside tomorrow morning and try to retake it again, not that my neighbors will really notice, since I'm the weird girl on the block who hangs yarn outside to dry and takes photos crouched in the driveway seemingly taking a picture of an ant. I don't mind it's not like I have a boyfriend to embarass, though it does kind-of confusing to my sister's boyfriend and friends that come over and see my doing the strangest things.
Not that I don't confuse my sister by posting at night or rinsing yarn at midnight because I have insomnia and I can't fall asleep so I wind or wash yarn hoping to fall asleep better after doing so.

Spinning the cottonAnd of course I am working steadily on learning to spin. I think it's funny that no one taught me to knit or spin yet I have pretty much learned both simply by experimenting. Of course I have no idea how I taught myself to knit continnetal, or how I can actually sort of drop the drop spindle and not panic while really spinning.

Anyway that's what I've been up to because I am trying to plan an extra special post for tomorrow.

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