Monday, September 11, 2006

5 Years Ago

When I found out about the attacks on 9/11 I was at home getting ready for another tuesday in the 8th grade. My Aunt who works for Boeing (the makers of the planes used) called my mom and told her to turn on the TV, I couldn't believe my eyes I couldn't process it. I don't remember if I cried or not, I only remember being shocked. Being in California we were all told to just go to school. I don't remember any teacher really teaching that day, everyone was watching what was happening.
I now think about it most every day. I can and do cry every time I see a documentary or pictures of that day I think of everyone who lost someone on that day.
All I know is that day I became much more supportive of our Troops than I ever had been. I now can't stand anyone who says this war is unfounded or that we should just pull out before more of our Troops die. The Valedictorian form my graduating year went into the Marines and will soon be finishing Boot Camp, one of my friends from Middle School is going into the Army so my heart is with all of our Troops.

A link that I thought would be good to help out with are:
Knit Helmetliners that are sent to Troops in colder climates

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