Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What Can I Say?

It's rhetorical, but how is it that I only seem to be able to meet guys online? The guys I meet around here either don't like me in that way or never pluck up the courage to tell me. So I meet guys online where never seeing my face actually boosts my confidence that it isn't just my looks the guy is after. Then again, they can also turn out to be the guys I'll just suddenly stop hearing from.

Anyway, no knitting today because Starsky is still drying. The extra moisture that has been hanging around with all this unusual rain is putting a damper on my knitting getting closer to the comfortable state I call dry.
On the positive side, this means that I'll block the sleeves as soon as the other pieces are dry so they'll be ready as soon as I finish the collar. In the meantime, I've been restocking my stitch marker supplies and I'm trying to put together a few sets to rebuild the shop since I let it close over the holidays.

And now to try to wind down and fall asleep to reset my clock as I haven slept at all for the past 33 hours. Good night.

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