Monday, January 28, 2008

Starsky, a project that may finish before it gets warm.

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Okay well so far, I can't blog every night. There's just no way for me to do it right now. However, I will try to post when progess is made.
Here's the left front which was really quick to knit up. The Right front is coming a little slower, just because things have been popping up and I'm trying to stay focused on this last week of school.
That's all for now, I've got to go running tomorrow at 5am and I was hoping to whip up a Calorimetry before then.
(This is the first winter in a few years that has actually gotten cold enough to wear wool. I hope it gets this way the next few years or all this wool I've been using is going to get gifted to my family on the East coast.

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