Wednesday, January 23, 2008


...Dysmenorrhea. After 8 years of telling several Kaiser OB/GYN's that something is wrong with me and that a normal person doesn't stay home several days a month because I can't be too far from painkillers or something to throw up in. This is what they tell me. This still doesn't explain why my heart will stop and skip a couple beats and then try to catch up, but I guess the cardiologist that keeps shrugging me off saying I'm fine will pay attention when I pass out or something. Let me get something straight, my GP is a wonderful doctor who listens and makes referrals to specialists when he gets stumped and realizes that something isn't right. However, the specialists don't seem to know much about what they are specializing in.

(Deep Breath and end rant)

So basically I can keep taking birth control pills to keep the pain level down. At least they finally realised that this wasn't just in my head.

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Nell said...

I'm so glad you finally have a name for what you've been experiencing. Sometimes, that's half the battle.