Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm knitting again!

I've finished all the wash cloths (that last one came pretty darn close to missing the deadline since I was knitting the last few row AS we were opening gifts) so I didn't get a chance to take a picture of them but the main thing I was focused on was reaching the deadline. They were well appreciated and my little 4-year-old cousin took his parents and siblings washcloths and put them with his toys along with his own washcloth.

I've picked up the Mystery Stole 3 (Swan Lake as it is now called) to go ahead and finish it and I am now working on the last 20 rows. At the end of this, I now realize that I will be needing to block this. Except I don't have any blocking wires and the idea of pinning this all out is extremely daunting.
So, what do you use for blocking wires? I've heard that I can use stainless steel TIG welding rods and I had located a hardware store in the area (via Internet) that had them but I lost the page and I don't remember which store it was, so anyone know what I'm talking about?

Have a great weekend everyone, I'm going to bed.

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