Thursday, December 20, 2007

Deep Breath...

...and relax. I know think it's safe to say that the Christmas knitting is not going to cause me to have a mental break. (The fact that the top of my left index finger where the yarn goes over is now raw from all of the kitchen cotton I've been using is a whole different ball of wax.) Anyway, all I need to finish is the 3.5 washcloths and then to fix up my soap molds to make soaps unique to the recipient (here's where my Dad questioned my sanity while I was trying to explain this).

I will show the stacks of washcloths and soap before I wrap them all so that should be posted Sunday night or Monday morning.

Also, in the spirit of Christianly giving, I've measured my hair and I think I have a length that will be tolerable to donate to Locks of Love and not walk around looking like a brunette dandelion. I'll miss it, but I think that adds to the gesture. But in any case, the headaches might subside or if it does become a big frizz ball I could always straighten it if it's that short.
I think I'll stop by my hairdresser's tomorrow morning to get her input on it. And now I'm babbling to myself from the lack of sleep, so I'll say good night.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Nell said...

Locks of Love is a great organization. Kudos to you for thinking of them.