Friday, November 23, 2007

And the dash begins

After telling myself that I would not give in and knit Christmas gifts this year, I've broken down again.
Now I've got 14 people to knit for and my clock is ticking, excuse me while I go off to Ravelry and find a stock of quick knits to give to my family. And this year there is no way I'm breaking down and just giving chocolate to the diabetics that are hard to shop for.


Nell said...

You can do it! I have faith!

(or delusions.)

Bullwinkle said...

The heck with faith (or delusions!) - what is it about the holidays that make us insane?

(I've got 1 big project (what was I thinking???) and several hats, or mittens. No hats are quicker than mittens. Hats. Definitely hats.)

See, I'd be done if I could just decide what to knit.

p.s. Good Luck!

theatreknitter said...

be like me, calorimetrys, fetchings and pedi socks all around. I am modifying a sock pattern to be pedi socks.
Also making some slippers. Felted. Big needles. I have one calorimetry down, and one to go. I should have it done tonight. will get the fetchings moving during the week. All coming out of stash.

Brought my kitty home today. Check out the blog for more pictures of Hagrid.

Gloria said...

Yeah, I worked really hard not to get sucked into the gift knitting. It's so natural to try to knit gifts for loved ones.