Thursday, October 04, 2007

Still Waiting on the Wrist

I tried giving it a day out of the brace to see how it would hold up but towards the end of the day I noticed that the fluid started building up again so I pressed it back out and replaced the splint along with a cotton ball to hold it down. I can you are interested in what it was it was a Ganglion cyst that burst and the picture there on Wikipedia is fairly close to how it looked on my wrist except mine was a bit smaller, more the size of a penny.

And since I can't knit with the splint on all I can do is write (thank God that he made me right handed) and read. But since the typing is a little slow since I have only one hand to work with I'll leave off here.

Happy Knitting everyone and I hope I can join you again in another week or so.

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Bullwinkle said...

Ouch! and Happy (Belated) Blogiversary!! (How'd I miss that??)