Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Mail

Abacus Bracelet
Originally uploaded by Lady Nea Knitsalot

Look what I found in the mail box this afternoon. It's an abacus bracelet from HIDEandSHEEP on It is already proving itself useful with all of the lace and decreasing I do in my 'relaxing' knits.

The bracelet really is beautiful and they have much better pictures in the shop since I am photographically disinclined and believe it or not this was the best I could do right now.

The customer service I had was terrific and they sized down the bracelet for my tiny wrists and they ran a problem (of needing to remove a black bead so it would fit) by me before doing anything.

Overall they are a great shop and I'd buy from them again for secret pal gifts or as gifts for fellow knitters.

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