Monday, September 24, 2007

Clapotis scarf

Clapotis scarf
Originally uploaded by Lady Nea Knitsalot

Well, I could only hold out on the Clapotis for so long. But the malabrigo was in my stash and perfect for somthing that would be worn right on my neck.

I have now realized how good it feels to knit with malabigo and I was totally excited when my mom asked for on in this yarn for Christmas, and with taking me a grand total of 3 days to knit (during school days) this is an okay exception to my whole no holiday knitting plan.


Bullwinkle said...

Gorgeous color. I had find where you had posted the yarn, because I definitely think this pattern shows it off better than in the skein. (At least on the screen!)

3 days? Sigh. Maybe I should give project monogamy a try...

Nell said...

That color is awesome! I love it. And I do love me some Malabrigo!