Tuesday, August 14, 2007

When a rejection notice doesn't phase you a bit

That's what I just got. By the county library after I had applied for a part-time Library Paige position. Yet even though it was a rejection noice, I'm too happy for it to matter all that much.
See last night I got an e-mail from this guy that I had been corresponing with but it had stopped about a month and a half ago and I thought he didn't want to keep up the correspondence. Well in the e-mail he was asking if the reason they had stopped was because I didn't want to continue. I promptly responded that I had thought the same thing of him and this morning he replied again almost as if we hadn't lost a beat. Now, I just feel like a fool because I keep smiling and even the "no you didn't get the job" doesn't matter (as a plus I wasn't counting on it as a job, I'd rather finish my Phlebotomy course and work with a license).

Ok enough of that, especially now that I found out my sister reads my blog and I can already tell that she's going to tease me about this.

On to the knitting content. Well I didn't get too much done in the last few days, I did get a bit ill (I'm using ill because it wasn't the typical sick feeling) so I took 4-hour naps in the middle of the day and now I'm feeling much better. But as for stuff that has been worked on, do you really just want to see another log that was added to the Log Cabin memory blanket (aka the only project I can work on while I'm sick.
Other than that I'm about to finish the first 2 oz of merino tencel that I purchased in Oregon so I'll post a picture when it's all on the cop before I wind it into a cernter pull ball to store it until it's ready to be plied.

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Anonymous said...

By "phase" you mean "faze." :)