Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Best Part of Cleaning

Is this...
Look, room for more stash!
Can you see that? I was ready to head out to the LYS to celebrate when I saw that. I have room for more yarn and even though I've saved up enough for another sweater's worth of yarn I think I'll save the trip for a bad day or when I finish another project that is currently in the works (not something I can cast on and finish in one day).

Then I got a little something at the Santa Monica Fiber Festival that I just couldn't resist because even though I'll have to hand wash it, it will be a scarf so it won't be too much of a problem.
Burgundy Malabrigo

And this is the Tank I am now referring to as the soul sucking tank. I love the finished results but the yarn and I are not mixing right now. So it's sitting in the closet and I'm just working on other things.

Ta da! I've been working on my Wheat-Ear Cable Yoke in the round, so far I cut out the 4 sts on that would be folded under in the seam and I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping it will be alright.
Wheat-Ear Cable Yoke

The current purse sock, not much to tell. I've just been woring on it in cars and in waiting lines and it has no deadline because for once this sock is for ME!!! Yay!!! Okay I'm done.
Tofutsie Pomatomus

Also I thought Belle was cute trying to fit under the bed after I moved it across the room so I snapped a picture, I didn't want to use flash because I didn't want to scare her. She approves the move across the room by finally choosing to sleep on my bed and not in the very center so that I don't have to push her over to fit in my own bed.
Inspector Belle

That's all for now and I hope to not get so behind with photos next time. I will guarantee nothing for when you'll next hear me since I start Fall Semester on Monday and I just hope the extra classes don't drain out my extra time completely.


Bullwinkle said...

*flummoxed* You have ... extra space in that drawer. (I barely have space to sit!) ... must go clean house...

Gloria said...

Very impressive organizing!