Tuesday, April 24, 2007

In an attempt to Blog daily-ish

I figured that it means I'll have to post some non-knitting related stuff.

So first things first. I got a job. Totally wasn't expecting to be hired on the spot but I'm guessing they were desperate. I start this Thursday, oh and the dress code? Entirely black, which meant I had to go shopping for shirts and pants not to mention shoes that I'll get tomorrow.

Then as a result of my inability to say no. I'm house and dog sitting. When you may ask? Starting yet again this Thursday. So I'll be all alone in a house with one small little Chihuahua/Besengi mix (so the dog doesn't play he only stares at you shaking with his big brown eyes). I think I'll pack a radio this time so I can dance a little during some down time.

Anyway this is my little informal notice that I may not be back until next Thursday, since my time may have very well been sucked up and away from existence. Gulp. And now to get ready for tomorrow.

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Nell said...

Good Luck on your new job!!!