Thursday, March 22, 2007

Twas the night before Birthday...

And all through the house, the creatures were stirring and chewing some trunks.
Indy chews a trunk
But that is all I can rhyme so there goes that idea, because frankly my Grandmother is the Poet in this family, not me. But before I go on I'll tell a quick note about that first picture since it seemed funny at the time.
Well it was about midday (I know it doesn't look like it but the clouds were giving a pretty good cover from the sun) and I passed by the window to see Indy poking her nose into the wood pile and occasionally batting with her paw, I thought she was after a squirrel since they have been known to hide under that shed, but then I saw her grab that huge chunk of wood and drag it off to chew. I laughed because if you notice in the picture, there are quite a few smaller branches that could be plucked off of the top of the pile instead of digging to reach one.
Auntie E B-day gift
On to the gift, my Aunt E has proven herself to be the one who knows me best ans this was her gift to me. Two skeins of Tofutsies, now ordinarily this would have been a great gift, but what made it an awesome gift was this:
Look enough for a pair of knee highs!
I already had one skein in the same exact colorway and dyelot number, immediately I thought to myself "I can made knee highs!" and I have been wanting to make a certain pair but I haven't had enough yarn in one colorway to make them yet so I've been waiting, and the best part is that next months Project Spectrum color includes pink so I already know what my project will be.
Beginnings of Tessa's Shawl
And now I have but one question. If I've never knit a laceweight shawl before, should my first project be a cobweb weight shawl? I don't know but I'll take the risk, as I've always done since I've been a lone knitter for quite some time and that pretty much makes me fearless whan trying out new things with knitting. Also you can find the pattern for this shawl here
And good night, since I'm going to attempt to post around the time of when I was born since it has been my habit to wake up and "watch" myself turn another year older.


Carol said...

Hey this is great...they are absolutely beautiful...thanks for sharing them with us...and well also visit my blog on Birthday Celebrations sometime for some really amazing resources and ideas for birthdays...i'm sure you'll enjoy your visit!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dear Andrea...
Happy Birthday to yooooooou!

Your Secret Pal

Caren said...

Happy Birthday! I've been considering that shawl for about 2 years now, and haven't had the courage to embark on it. Good luck!

pigbook1 said...

I think that once you know how to k, p, yo you can knit anything. some things might take a bit more time and/or concentration, but there is no reason to not knit exactly what you want just because you have never done lace. Good luck.