Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm Back!

Sorry about not writing, I got caught up with family things and I didn't have a chance to post.
So what has happend? Well I got something in the mail today:
Lisa Sousa - Violet's Pink Ribbon
I love the feel of the yarn although the colors aren't ones I'd pick on my own, so since they were supporting a good cause I thought they would at least make a good pair of socks. Which I have cast on, I just haven't had the chance to take a picture yet.
Also, wednesday night my Aunt, Uncle, and three cousins stopped by to sleep over before they went to Las Vegas. So of course when my Dad called my mom at work to tell her who would be at home when she got there, and she said what all women would say after working a 12 hour shift to come home at 7am, "Let's all go". So we drove for three hours and immediately started our trek around shops and exibits. Which I will not mention because frankly, I'm too lazy to link everything right now. Although I will show you a beautiful view from on top of the Stratosphere.
Top of Stratosphere
I also finished a project on the way there but I'll post about that tomorrow.

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Roseann said...

What pretty sock yarn! It will knit up so beautifully, I can't wait to see your socks and your newly finished project.