Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas is just around the Corner

And I still need to finish a pair of socks, a sleeve, a scarf (which means I should stop by the LYS tomorrow), and two more washcloths. Other than that I'm completely done. I can do that right? Of course I can(gulp).
Well in other news my sister and one of her guy-friends are trying to set up me with one of their friends, and you know what? It's kinda working. So far I really like him and I even had one of those giddy days last night when I kept my sister up until 1:30am because I wanted to talk. The last time I was like this has got to be almost over 2 years ago so I'm also liking the lack of feeling bitter towards every couple I see enjoying the Holidays. Anyway finals at school are next week so wish me luck and good study-time management and pray that I can remember all of those facts for American History.
Also, does anyone know of any websites that give good darning instructions? The puppies got a hold of one of my mom's sweaters so I'd like to try and fix the little rip before it becomes a gaping hole.

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