Friday, October 27, 2006

Harvest Festival 2006

So every year my old high school has a Harvest festival every year, and it's pretty much like a carnival that is run by the students. So this year was the first that I wasn't a part of it so I volunteered for my sister's art teacher, who I had already known before she became the art techer there, to help out in the face painting booth. Well there is only so much watching all of these people getting beautiful wisps and glitter on their faces before I broke down and got one done myself.
Harvest Festival 2006
Other than that not much knitting other than my sister's SKB which should be finished by tuesday night so I'll post about it when it is a finished object.
Oh yeah, the internet problem I've been having? Yeah my dad thinks we have an invasion, whatever that is, so he'll be fixing that sometime soon. I probably won't be posting more than 1, maybe 2 times a week until mid December because I have a paper due in three weeks and then the semester will be over three weeks after that.

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